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Phew…what a busy week. Preparing for Halloween with the kids and all that fun (exhausting) stuff, but also some new news for my books…yes, I said books, plural.

First of all, Man of My Dreams will officially be showing off it’s face lift tomorrow. The new cover will be live tomorrow as well as a sale price of .99 cents to celebrate its new look! I can’t wait to share it with everyone first thing in the morning!!!

Secondly, so, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve finished working on what was once called “Little Brother.” After much deliberation from my friends, bloggers, and betas…Little Brother is now Keep Me. I think this new title rings so true to the story of Marcus and Tessa. All I can say is…you’ll see :)

I would love for you to add Keep Me to your Goodreads TBR list, and just for enticement purposes…here’s a drool-worthy teaser starring my muse, Mr. Micah Truitt.

LB teaser #1

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