Keep Her is LIVE!!!!!!


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I am so excited to finally announce that KEEP HER IS LIVE!!!




keep her live

This book was an absolute BLAST to write. It came to me fast and furiously and with the help of three AMAZING betas; Jen, Tracey, and Trish! You girls rocked this out with me and helped Beck and Riley progress and grow and shine in ways I never could have on my own!

It all started with Keep Me; sexy Marcus and loveable Tessa. I think they won a few hearts over out there and I can’t express how lucky I feel to have received such wonderful feedback for this unlikely but smoking hot couple. Riley and Beck played a part in their romance, concocting a secret love affair of their own.


I never imagined this would be the next Faith Andrews book on the scene, because quite honestly Riley aggravated me as much as she aggravated the readers. But one night, her story came to me and Beck…let’s just say every writer needs a muse like him. He basically wrote himself.


And now the wait is over…Keep Her is finally available for purchase and receiving incredible feedback. Lisa from Truly Schmexy Promotions has been a superwoman at rounding the troops together for my cover reveal and release day blitz and my PR team, Sharon and Melissa over at Sassy Savvy Fabulous have been pure angels/rockstars in pimping the crap out of me and this book!

Today is a truly happy day…4 books in under a year, over 4,000 “fans” to share the journey with, and SOOOOO many friends made a long the way. I can’t thank everyone enough for being a part of this insane roller coaster of fun!

the gangs all here

P.S. If my any chance you are yet to meet these Grayons I speak of, Keep Me is currently on sale for only 99 cents!!!

keep me 99 cents july



Consensual by Livia Jamerlan COVER REVEAL


Title: Consensual (Consensual Series Book #1)
Author: Livia Jamerlan
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Day: August 18th 2014

Braelynn Wolf is focused on two things: work and law school.

That is how she survives.
That is how she’ll make a difference.

Until she meets HIM.

Peyton Haas is sexy, dangerous, and forbidden. The defense attorney on Braelynn’s first legal case is the only man who can cloud her judgment. Unable to stay away, she finds herself lying to everyone around her so she can spend time with the man who makes her feel things she never felt before—things she never dreamed possible.

With the legal case hanging on a thread, can Braelynn ignore the relationship she has built with Peyton?

Or will she succumb to the man who has the power to throw away her future?

Goodreads Link: ​

I skimmed my thumb over the skin of her neck. “I’m very available and want nothing more than to fuck you.”

I brought my hand to the hem of her skirt, lifting it slowly. I felt the edge of her stocking attached to a garter, and my cock twitched as I pushed up against her, bringing my lips to her ear.

“Come back to my place, Lynn, wearing nothing but these.” I pulled on the elastic, letting it smack against her smooth skin.

“Haas, I can’t. We can’t.”

“You remember what I told you, don’t you? I always get what I want.” I pushed her skirt higher, sliding my finger across her lace thong. “I can be very persuasive.” The small whimper that escaped her throat only enticed me more. “I promise to make this pussy pulse with pleasure.” I slid my finger back and forth against the delicate material. “If you want, I can take you right here.”

“Please, don’t—”

I brought my lips to hers and she responded, allowing me in. Her tongue wrestled mine as I ground my cock against her abdomen. She melted in my hands, letting me guide her body how I wanted. I explored her mouth, imagining what it would be like to have my cock shoved between her soft, plump lips.

As I moved my hand to pull her panties, the emergency bell began to ring, disrupting us. Reaching over, I released the brake and pressed the fifth floor button as I pulled away from her. Intoxicating. That’s what she was. Her eyes, her smell, her hair, her skin. I fixed my erection and looked over at her.

“You know where to find me.”

She didn’t speak. She just stood there, flustered, against the wall. When the door opened I walked out, not looking back. I hoped I’d left her high and wet and needing me.

I wasn’t one to chase women, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

About the Author:

Livia Jamerlan is a hopeless romantic she is always looking for her next love story to pop in her head. Though Livia kept a journal throughout her early life, she never thought about pursuing a career in writing, she always used it as form of therapy, pouring her heart out into words. It wasn’t until a story developed in her head that she decided that maybe she could write a book. At first it was just an escape from reality but now she use it as a power to put all her feelings, hopes, and fears on paper. Deciding it was time to tell her story she began to write, with each passing day the story grew, characters we formed, and what seemed like a hobby at first has now become a passion for Livia.

When Livia is not writing she is spending time with her husband and their two dogs, she might also be curled up with a new book, or she is out traveling the country to support indie authors at their book signings.





Cover Reveal for Keep Her!!!!


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I am so excited to reveal the beautiful cover for KEEP HER created by Regina Wamba at Mae I Design and Photography.



The Grayson siblings are at it again—guilty of keeping secrets from each other when it comes to who they fall in love with. This time little brother’s best friend is the object of Riley’s affection and their intimate connection is impossible to resist.

Riley Grayson—snarky, successful, lonely. She’s looking for Mr. Right, especially now that her younger, reformed man-whore of a brother is living out his happily ever after with her best friend. If Marcus can find true love, why the hell can’t she?

Enter Beck Matthews, Marcus’s childhood best friend. He’s lovable, sexy, and oh, yeah—not single. But one night of drunken partying and wild sex with Riley and Beck may be rethinking his future. Has he been planning it with the wrong girl?

Although these two can’t stay away from each other, it seems the ghosts of their pasts are holding them back from what they really want. Can Riley and Beck overcome the threat of shocking coincidences and unexpected events that will test their trust in one another?

Find out if Beck’s love is strong enough to Keep Her.



Five years earlier

Dear God, let today be the day. Please take her with you. Bring her home to be with my Nanny. Let her be at peace.

The tears streamed down my face—I couldn’t believe I had any left at this point, but praying for death . . . I guess that brings on tears no matter how depleted you are.

“Ry,” Mom said, holding out her hand. “Where’s Marcus?”

That was a good question. I looked around the room, as if he might be hidden in some corner, but from the sounds of the over-excited announcer and the loud roar coming from the TV, it was obvious he was in the living room, watching the Yankees game with Dad and his best friend, Beck. Avoidance was his coping mechanism. He couldn’t keep vigil by her side anymore. It was too painful for him. He didn’t know how to handle his emotions—he was going to be lost without her. She was his best friend in the whole world, even if he was too macho of a teenage boy to admit it. Keeping busy kept him sane.

I stood, adjusting her favorite patchwork quilt so it covered my mother’s bony arms. “He’s watching the Yankees, why? Want me to get him?”

“No,” she said on a whisper, her frail voice becoming less and less distinguishable as the lively one I’d grown up with. “I want to talk to you alone. There are things I need to say.”

The tears that had finally subsided welled up again, this time lodging themselves in my throat and flooding my vision as well. I knew from experience that when people on their death beds started talking about things they needed to say or confessions they had to get off their chest, the end was near. As much as I needed to see her out of pain, I also wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. But I held back from begging her to hold on and nodded, gripping her fragile hand.

She squeezed mine back with the tiniest bit of strength. As weak as it was, it comforted me. I hoped her words would too. She spoke slowly, as if reciting a speech, something important she’d rehearsed. For all I knew, she probably had. “I know you think I’m going to miss so much—graduations, boyfriends, your wedding, your babies, but—” she paused, swallowing back her own tears and pushing forward with a loving smile. “I will be here, Riley Jo. I will be here to guide you and celebrate with you on every one of those journeys. Right now it might be hard to believe that’s true but, I’ll fight with the man upstairs Himself just to make sure I’m by your and your brother’s sides whenever I’m supposed to be.”

“Mom—” I tried to interrupt, but she brought her hand up to my cheek and the touch of her cool, soft skin silenced me.

“Let me finish, sweetie.”

I nodded, placing my hand over hers and encouraging her to continue.

“You’ve made me so proud, Ry. You’re bound for greatness, I just know it. Everything you touch just seems to be improved because of you. You’ll have that same impact on your father and brother and I don’t want them to be a burden, even though I know it’s your nature to step up to the plate and take over—that’s just you, but . . . you need to remember to live this life for you too. Daddy will be okay in time and Marcus . . . he’ll grow up—one of these days.” She smiled the widest I’d seen in days, letting out the slightest chuckle.

As much as she adored her son, he was a handful lately. Rebelling because of his anger over our mother’s health; taking advantage of his newfound stud status with the ladies. Now that they were finally taking interest in him, he was suddenly a cocky little son of a bitch. And they actually liked that about him.

I laughed alongside her, thinking about how much my mother and I could get a rise out of my little brother. I’d miss that—God, I’d miss so many things once she was gone.

Before I could tell her this, she swallowed back another gulp of tears to continue where she left off. “What I’m trying to say is—sweetie, be happy. You’re smart, beautiful, and the most loving person I know, but you’re also stubborn and sometimes too selfless. Do things just because they make you smile. Never settle, honey, but you need to kiss a lot of frogs and then marry your prince. Learn to let things go even if you don’t want to.”

My mother and I had had a lot of heart to hearts over the years, but she was always guarded with me because she thought I was sensitive. So, the vulnerability in her words of wisdom came as a surprise to me. “So,” I said, wiping away a tear, “you wait ‘til now to unleash it all, huh?”

I guided her up by her elbow, adjusting her pillows as she continued with a chuckle, “I know it seems that way, but I’ve told you these things—in other ways—your whole life. You’re too serious, Riley. I know you feel you need to be, but it’s okay not to be perfect all the time.”

I wanted to believe that with all my heart. I wanted to be able to live this through, especially since these were the words my mother decided to leave me with. But even though I wanted to make that promise, it would be damn near impossible to simply “let my hair down” once she was gone. She was leaving us with big shoes to fill and if my father and brother—hell, all three of us—were going to survive her death, I would to have to be more serious than I’d ever been.

Not wanting to disappoint her or give her any inkling that I wouldn’t follow through on her wish, I leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead. “You are one wise woman, Mom. What the hell are we going to do without you?”

She raised her cold hand to my face, tucking a hair behind my ear and then resting her palm against my cheek. “Live. You’re going to live.”


That night, after giving my brother a similar speech of his own, whispering her secret recipe for meatballs in Beck’s ear, and kissing my Dad with her last bit of strength, my mother passed.

The moment was absolutely surreal. In all the time I had prepared myself, I imagined crying and screaming and sobbing like there was no tomorrow. But after years of chemo and operations and months of painful suffering, the most amazing sense of relief washed over me as I watched my mother close her eyes and take her last peaceful breath.

The world was losing a remarkable woman, and heaven—God, I was so damn envious of heaven in that moment—was gaining an incredible angel. Our lives would never be the same without her. The healing process would take a lifetime, if I ever actually healed at all. But I had to do what my mother wanted most for me. After I mourned and grieved until I thought I’d break in two. After I got things in order and took care of my crumpled family so we felt whole again. After I screamed and cursed for hating the world and then learned to love it again for all its miracles, I had to keep her memory alive and just . . . live.

KEEP HER releases 8/7/14, you can add it to your Goodreads TBR here.

And if you’re yet to be introduced to the Grayson’s check out Book 1 in the series, KEEP ME, for only 99 cents. This special price will be in effect until the release of KEEP HER.

keep me 99 cents july


Price Drop!


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Price Drop on ALL THREE BOOKS!

For a limited time only grab any book for only 99 pennies!

Man of my Dreams by Jesscia Faith

Man of My Dreams:

Back to You_wrap

Back to You:
B&N—> coming soon
iTunes single—>


Keep Me:

Back to You is LIVE!


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I love release days. They’re starting to become like mini-Christmas mornings for me! I am in no way a veteran in this business, but I’m proud of the three books I’ve put out in under a year. Even if this one is really more of a mini-book. But although this is only a novella, make no doubt about it, the heart and soul that went into it was still enough to fill a full length novel (or two). There’s even an original song, that was written and recorded just for the novella, featured in the pages of this story.

Writing Man of My Dreams was a blast! I put aside all inhibitions and wrote what my heart told me to write. In the end, and based on the reviews, people related to Mia and the reality behind her struggles with her husband, Declan and the fantasies and what-ifs with her high-school crush, Noah. For those of you who’ve yet to read the first installment of the Dream Series, Man of My Dreams is currently on sale for only 99 cents in celebration of the release of its companion novella, Back to You.

99 cent sale



And then there are those of you who have been patiently awaiting what comes next for our heroine, Mia and the man of her dreams (no spoilers here). I’ve been counting down for the last 20 days in anticipation of the release. Each day there’s been a new graphic or teaser to help get us closer to the main event. And today that wait is finally over!

Back to You_wrap




iTunes single by Walter Vincent—>

The feedback from bloggers, readers, friends, and fans has been overwhelming. I had no intention of writing this story, but your love for these characters prompted me to continue their journey with what can be called an extra long epilogue of sorts.

Some reviews are already in and making me smile so hard it hurts:

~”Highly recommended and a huge 5 stars. Read Man of My Dreams and then dive right into Back to You. You will not be able to stop smiling!”

~mjlovestoread (amazon reviewer)

~”This novella was very well written and answered so many questions, it was one of my favorite recent reads. So glad that I one-clicked this one! This is a MUST if you read Man of My Dreams!”

~ScentsibleCandles (amazon reviewer)

~”It is a story filled with true love, hurt feelings, and the unwavering desire to find their way back to each other. Back To You is the perfect romantic read with added spice :). I highly recommend this beautiful story!!”

~Wendy (Goodreads reviewer)

~”This author has again captured the love, the heartbreak, the joy and the growth of Mia and Declan as we they confront the guilt that is eating them up. Can they reconnect and rebuild their marriage or has the past left pain and memories that can’t be erased? Back to You is a short yet fulfilling companion novel to Man of My Dreams, where we spend time with two people who had allowed the routine of life to invade the love and passion they felt for one another and we cheered them on as they attempted to recapture the spark and love that drew them so desperately to one another in the first place.”

~Jenny & Gitte, TotallyBooked

~”I’m in awe of how Faith Andrews makes me think. I read and enjoy her books but also think about how they could relate to my own life. How you have to work to have a fairy tale love. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this follow-up to Man of My Dreams!! 5++ Stars!!”

~Kathy, Lives & Breathes Book Blog

Thank you as always to all have supported me on this dream: friends, family, betas, bloggers, writers, singers, formatters, cover artists, tour companies, my kids and husband and even my little furry man who’s taken a back seat lately. I could not have done this without you backing me up!

bty tomorrow

Cover Reveal Beloved by Corinne Michaels


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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]

Title: Beloved
Author: Corinne Michaels
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: June 5, 2014


Not enough.

Catherine Pope has never been enough. Every man she has ever loved abandoned her—from her father to her fiancé. She finally accepted the fact she would never be enough to hold any man’s heart and soul.

Then Catherine met Jackson Cole.

When her world literally collided with the sexy former Navy SEAL, everything she always believed is turned upside down and left scattered. He made her feel alive and desirable, consumed her with fierceness and loyalty—which completely unnerved her. Jackson got her in a way no one ever had, giving him the power to destroy her.

If she breaks down and gives him what’s left of her battered heart—will he protect it? Or will Catherine become an irrelevant part of yet another man’s life?

Will she get the one thing that has always evaded her – to finally be someone’s beloved?

Goodreads link:



Author Bio

Corinne is an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness. Beloved is her first novel due in June of 2014.

Connect with Corinne



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Meet the men of Keep Her

Yesterday I received my paperback proof of Back to You from Createspace! I’m in love…it might be my favorite cover so far! Simply magnificent and such a perfect portrayal of what’s inside.

 If you saw the post from earlier this week, you know I’ve been counting down the days until it’s release (11 more to go) with sheer and utter excitement. I can barely stop myself from clicking the publish button…right…now! But I will, I have to, 11 days is nothing, right? Wrong. The wait is killing me! I need to keep busy!

So, I keep myself distracted with Beck and Riley. I’ve been diligently spending my time in the writing cave (or the kitchen table…whatever works) for hours at a time, letting their story come to life. For anyone who’s read Keep Me, you know that Riley is Marcus’s sister and Beck is his best friend. While Marcus and Tessa have their own love affair going on, Riley and Beck are getting to know each other a little better too. Only problem…Beck still, well kinda, has a girlfriend. Things are complicated to say the least. Poor Riley, right?

Nah, we can’t have a leading lady down in the dumps. That’s what distractions are for, right? And the other night, without even plotting it that way, Riley’s distraction came popping up onto the page.

Wanna see him? Wanna meet him? Okay…why not. I’d say Riley is one lucky lady to have Beck AND this dude fighting for her attention.

Everyone meet Griffin Dennison and as you wait impatiently for the next 11 days to pass until you can read Back to You, keep a lookout for more news on Keep Her and keep drooling over Beck and Griffin :)


Countdown to Back to You


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If you’re a follower of my Author Faith Andrews Facebook page, you’ve probably been counting down along with me as we prepare for the upcoming release of Back to You. If you aren’t–well, maybe you should be :) You can like the page right here to get a daily dose of all things Faith Andrews:

As the release of the novella is now only TWO WEEKS AWAY, I wanted to share all the countdown teasers with you here. I’ve had a lot of fun creating these and getting to incorporate all the things that made Back to You special to me, Mia and the man of her dreams.

If you haven’t read Man of My Dreams yet, now’s the time! You’ll want to know who Mia chooses in the end–her estranged husband, Declan or the one that got away, Noah. Although Man of My Dreams has a happily ever after and an epilogue that gives you a glimpse into the future, Back to You starts off where the story ended, after that night Mia had to make her heartbreaking decision.

If Mia, Declan, and Noah are still stranger to you…you can purchase Man of My Dreams here:


Barnes & Noble—>

And then be sure to add Back to You to your Goodreads TBR list here—>

The COUNTDOWN continues….

2 more weeks BTY15 more days BTY 16 days BTY 17 more days bty 18 more days back to you  guitarpickloveback to you countdown 20

Twice in a Lifetime blog tour




Presented by:

Sparkle Blog Button

coverslideTitle: Twice in a Lifetime
Author: Ruthie Henrick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Audience: due to mild sexual content, recommended for 17+
Formats: trade paperback and eBook
Publisher: self-published
Cover by: Regina Wamba of Mae I Designs
No of Pages: 349 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9914164-1-7 (eBook) Sorry, not sure what the 10 and 13 is. These are the numbers assigned.
ISBN: 978-0-9914164-0-0 (paperback)
Date Published: January 24, 2014
Is it possible to find your one true love…twice?
Blind date. When Allie and Ben are thrown together to help their friends out of a bind, they find the unexpected—and unwanted—spark of attraction difficult to ignore. Surrendering to it, they marry and live their happyish-ever-after—until Ben’s death reveals a betrayal that rocks Allie’s world.
The sidelines. Where Jake has hovered for the past fifteen years, business partners with his best friend, in love with his best friend’s wife. He’s shocked by Ben’s duplicity, overcome by the guilt of a deathbed promise. But he’s waited half a lifetime for a chance to love Allie, and it’s time to make his move.
Marriage. Allie might be ready to take the slow slide from friend to lover, but a lifetime is a leap she won’t agree to. She can’t deprive Jake of the family he’s never had, but longs for—the family she can no longer give him. How can she refuse him, though, when he sets out to prove the only family he needs—has ever wanted—is her?
glitter maker

Excerpt 1
“You want me.” He withdrew his fingers, the memory of her still warm on them. Testing, his lips brushed hers with the force of butterfly wings. Just let them skim, soft and querying before drawing back, her soft scent surrounding him.

Excerpt 2
“I need you, Allie. I need to be with you. I need to come home to you at the end of the day. To share my life with you, and to share yours. To sleep with you at night, and wake with you in the morning. And I think you need me too.”

Excerpt 3
“Thank you for last night, Jake.”
He drew his eyebrows together in confusion, tightened his fingers around hers and drew her to a halt. “You waiting for me to say you’re welcome, Allie? Because thank you doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about last night.”

Excerpt 4
His hands forged a path down her rib cage, her abdomen tightening with a quick intake of breath as his thumbs grazed the sides of lace-covered breasts. The mewl of satisfaction that escaped on her gasp had his erection throbbing. His breaths came in harsh gasps. He dropped to his knees. His work-roughened palms rasped against the satiny skin of her hips as he tugged open the snap of her jeans and lowered the zipper. “Jesus, Allie, did you paint these on? Help me out here.” With a laugh she wriggled until he had the curve-hugging denim down and off.
Lust threatened to consume him as he uncovered her silky limbs and left her standing in nothing but mind-altering scraps of pink silk. She palmed his head, her fingers tickling through his hair and across his scalp as his hands explored the firmness of her toned runner’s thighs, roamed her trim hips and kneaded the lush globes of her ass. Jesus, she was…perfect. Better than anything good and soft he could ever imagine. He dragged open– mouth kisses over the front of her panties and was rewarded when she drew in a ragged shudder. His heart raced in his chest.
More. He needed more and he needed it now. Needed to bury himself –. Ah, fuck! Abruptly, he tightened his arms around her thighs and dropped his forehead to her belly. “Shit.”
Her hands held him close. “Not the reaction I was looking for, Jake.”

  TIAL 1st Kiss Teaser

I write in quiet, but that’s about the only time I don’t have music playing. I don’t have a playlist for the book, but how about a peek at the most recently played songs on my iPod?


glitter maker
Signed paperback of Twice in a Lifetime by Ruthie Henrick
Twice in a Lifetime bookmark signed by Ruthie Henrick
eBook copy of Man of My Dreams by Faith Andrews
eBook copy of Keep Me by Faith Andrews
eBook copy of Mr. Good Enough by Jamie Farrell
eBook copy of Midsummer Sweetheart (Heart of Montana #2) by Katy Regnery
eBook copy of Another Shot at Love by Niecey Roy
eBook copy of Lighthouse Point by Lisa Poston Murphy
eBook copy of Torn by Eleanor Green
eBook copy of Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace
Rumor Has It bookmark signed by Elisabeth Grace
Picture Perfect bookmark signed by Elisabeth Grace
eBook copy of Away by B.A. Wolfe
Away bookmark signed by B.A. Wolfe
eBook copy of Searching for Tomorrow by Kathryn McNeill Crane
eBook copy of Divided by Livia Jamerlan

clip_image009Hi there! I’m Ruthie Henrick, and I’m an Arizona girl. I write romantic women’s fiction and contemporary romance.
I’ve always been an avid reader, even as a child. I’ll read just about anything, but I love anything with romance in it. I am a romance junkie.
I first started writing a couple of years ago. I’ve never been that person who dreamed about being an author or loved telling stories. I used to try making up bedtime stories when my kids were little and I’d draw a blank every time. But an idea had been running through my mind for a while so I decided to start typing and see where it led. Three months later I had a really good first draft. Let me tell you, nobody was more surprised than me!
I love music, especially country music, and that’s generally the soundtrack to whatever I have going on. At work, doing housework, in the car—the music is always on. Except when I write—that I have to do in silence.
We have three sons and they’re all grown and scattered around the country, but the Big Kahuna and I are still ruled by a fifteen-year-old deaf Pekinese with OCD. Life is interesting!
I’m not much of a TV watcher, except for shows like The Voice and American Idol. Gives me lots of time to write, and read. Like many of you, I have a one-click compulsion. The number of unread books on my Kindle is really embarrassing.
I love chatting with other readers, sharing my favorite books and authors, and discovering those new to me. Come by and hang out with me on any of my social media.
Tour Schedule – Two Week Blog Tour for Twice In a Lifetime by Ruthie Henrick from March 31 to April 13, 2014.
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Clarissa Wild’s Blog – Spotlight with Excerpt & Playlist
Making your book sparkle.



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It’s cover reveal day for Back to You and I’m all pumped up about getting this beauty out there for your eyes to see. This has become one of my favorite parts of being an author. Bringing it all to life with an image, inspired by the words that found their way to the page. It’s also one of the reasons I love working with Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography because she always seems to get my vision…spot on. And while I can’t play favorites, because all my books have become my babies, the cover for Back to You makes me want to squeal in delight!
Back to You_wrap


Sometimes dreams aren’t meant to be chased. Sometimes forevers change with one regret. But when it’s worth the fight—we always wind up back where we belong. Mia and Declan have struggled through infidelity, guilt, and betrayal. Declan wasn’t too proud to lay his heart on the line and show Mia that she is his everything, but can these two find a way to get past all the hurt, to heal old wounds, and get back to good?

I’ll do all I have to do to find my way back to you…



With our daughters in bed—fina-fucking-ly—Declan and I are ready to enjoy his anniversary present. Together.

When he came home earlier, the girls bombarded him with kisses and Cara could hardly contain her excitement about the secret-studio-surprise, as she liked to call it. Within minutes of him walking through the door, not even enough time to bring his luggage past the foyer, the girls were giggling and whispering and asking me when we could show him. Declan picked up on their little scam immediately—I mean who wouldn’t? My girls aren’t subtle. They certainly don’t have futures as CIA or FBI agents.

But now that it’s just the two of us I can really give him the full experience. Let him understand the hows and whys of it all. It should be as simple as telling him I think he’s talented and I want him to do what he’s always said he would, but it’s so much more than that. Declan was born to write music. He might not even know it, but I know it. It lives in the marrow of his bones—I see it when he sings along to a favorite on the radio, or on the rare chance that he takes out the guitar to jam. My husband should have been a rock star, not a CPA.

“Mia, I still can’t believe you did this. I love it.” He’s manhandling everything while exploring his new man cave. His enthusiasm makes me smile. I did good! It’s the least I can do.

I come up behind him, my arms hooking under his, wrapped around his muscular torso. “I’m so happy you love it. Happy almost-anniversary.” I kiss him behind his ear and he leans into me. I smile against his neck, basking in our aloneness and then he laces his fingers with mine, turning to face me.

I stare into his icy blue eyes, mesmerized as always. His eyes are home. I’m so grateful to be back home. How could I have ever doubted this? The guilt starts to set in again so I break our hypnotic gaze. Declan must sense the shift in my mood, because he lifts my chin with his index finger, bringing my eyes back to his. “You know, this is perfect timing, babe? I did a lot of writing while we were apart,” he admits, pulling my body against his.

“While you were on the trip?” I ask, hiding my insecurities. I feel like he can see right through me—like he knows every one of my thoughts and emotions. Not good. I hate feeling so naked. Like any minute he’s going to pick apart the thoughts running through my brain. The thoughts that keep me up at night and make me wonder if we’ll ever truly overcome the shit we’ve been through in the last seven months.

“No, while we were apart. Turns out a broken heart and a muse actually do stimulate art.”

He couldn’t be more accurate. Declan’s voice, his words, and the strumming of his guitar make some absolutely incredible art. Instead of giving in to the guilt for a change I give into curiosity. “You’ve been writing? And you’re holding out on me?”

“None of them are complete, Mi. Just ramblings of a madman.” His eyes are no longer fixated on me, but on the equipment behind me. He has to be itching to play around with it.

But even his excitement over his new toys can’t mask the pain behind his words—madman. I drove him mad. Will I ever be forgiven?

“I’m sorry, Dec. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but . . .”

“Shhh,” he whispers, placing a finger at my lips. “Not tonight. Not again. Please?”

I want to ask, ‘but when?’ because we’ve yet to actually hash it all out. Sure, things have come up in conversation, but the fact that I pretty much carried on a full-fledged relationship with Noah—nearly fell in love with him, too—has yet to be the topic of conversation in the Murphy household. It’s not that I’m second-guessing my decision. God no, that’s not it at all. It’s just that . . . Grace seems to think that Declan is the what-you-don’t-know-won’t-hurt-you type of guy. Unfortunately, I’m the I-need-to-get-everything-off-my-chest-to-move-on type of girl.

He releases his hold around my waist and my skin immediately misses his touch, but he’s heading for the guitar so it’s all good. I ignore the pang of emotions still pent up and taunting me to be released and just enjoy the sight before me—my man, his Martin, and those dancing fingers. Deliciously mesmerizing. Enough to distract me from my haze and bring me back to what’s real—what matters most.

I sit down opposite him and just listen . . . and watch. The visual is almost as incredible as the instantaneous music that he creates. I watch as the veins and muscles in his arms and hands tighten with each effortless movement. His foot taps to the beat as he finds his groove, his body in complete sync with the melody he’s created. He starts to hum something, fiddling with a few chords, and then he mumbles some lyrics I’ve never heard before.

Dreams remain, but we resent

Forevers change, with one regret

“What’s that, babe?” I ask, curious because the way he sings it is sinfully beautiful. With meaning and feeling and depth.

He breaks out of what I’ve come to recognize as a creative trance, his hand resting over the strings as if to silence them.

I wish he’d continue. I want more. “Why’d you stop?”

He shakes his head and stands, returning the guitar to its place on the wall. He swaggers toward me with his hands in his pockets, his eyes focused on my lips. Sensing the heat of his stare, I suck my lip into my mouth, biting on it. As if watching him play wasn’t sexy enough, now he’s got the smolder going on? I can’t help but think that my other reason for creating this secluded space is about to be proven completely ingenious.

“I stopped because it’s not finished yet. You can hear it when it’s done.” He’s inches away from me now, his sweet breath tickling my already pleasure-prickled skin.

I reach up, locking my hands behind his neck, looking hard into his eyes. It’s still there. The pain. There’s so much we need to say, but not tonight. I’ll give him that. We can take pleasure in this moment and just be us again.



back to you


The novella releases on 4/29/14 and if you’re already a fan of Mia and the man of her dreams, you can add Back to You to your Goodreads TBR list here—>

If you’re yet to read the prequel to the novella, here’s your chance to grab Man of My Dreams for only 99 cents (today only).

Man of my Dreams by Jesscia Faith


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